Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Can't-Wait Wednesday: Piper - Jay Asher & Jessica Freeburg

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week I can't wait for Piper!

Jay Asher, Jessica Freeburg
Series: n/a
Release Date: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Razorbill
Waited on by: Sam
Long ago, in a small village in the middle of a deep, dark forest, there lived a lonely, deaf girl named Maggie. Shunned by her village because of her disability, her only comfort comes from her vivid imagination. Maggie has a gift for inventing stories and dreams of one day finding her fairy-tale love.

When Maggie meets the mysterious Piper, it seems that all her wishes are coming true. Spellbound, Maggie falls hard for him and plunges headfirst into his magical world. But as she grows closer to the Piper, Maggie discovers that he has a dark side.

The boy of Maggie's dreams might just turn out to be her worst nightmare...
First and foremost, let us admire the cover. Isn't it lovely?

Now, why do I want to read this book? This book came to my attention because Jay Asher was involved with it. I had read and enjoyed two of his previous books, and therefore, wanted to read his new book.

After that, I realized this as a re-telling, and I love a good re-telling. This story is based on the Pied Piper, and I have to admit, it's not a tale I have seen redone. Therefore I am interested in seeing how Asher and Freeburg spin this story. I also like that it features a character with a disability. And seriously, look at that last line: The boy of Maggie's dreams might just turn out to be her worst nightmare....

What are you waiting on?
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Set in Boarding Schools

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is...

Books Set in Boarding Schools!

Not too long ago, I posted a Can't Wait Wednesday pick, and I discovered that I am not the only one who loves a boarding school setting. So, here are ten books I enjoyed, which were set in boarding schools. 

Romancing the Throne
Nadine Jolie Courtney
Series: n/a
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Romancing the Throne has the added fun of the boarding school being abroad, in England, and one of the residents being the heir to the Throne.

Andrew Smith
Series: Winger, #1
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

This school is billed as "a boarding school for rich kids in the Pacific Northwest". With that we get some lovely scenery along with lots of the typical hijinks we expect.

The Duke of Bannerman Prep
Katie A. Nelson
Series: n/a
Publisher: Sky Pony Press

This story takes place in an elite boarding school in California where debate is king. Many school rules are bent and broken by this crew and there is even a sort of heist.

Hex Hall
Rachel Hawkins
Series: Hex Hall, #1
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion 

Billed as a "reform school for wayward Prodigium". I loved roaming the halls of this old house along with witches, ghosts, faeries, shapeshifters, and ghosts.

Miss Mabel's School for Girls
Katie Cross
Series: The Network Series, #1
Publisher: Antebellum Publishing

Deep in Letum Wood is a school where young witches hone their skills. These young witches are pitted against each other as they vie to be the lone student of Miss Mable.

The Sweetest Dark
Shana Abe
Series: The Sweetest Dark, #1
Publisher: Bantam

This boarding school is in a gothic castle on southern coast of England. Abe often describes the beautiful backdrop, and the views sound quite breathtaking.

Richelle Mead
Series: Bloodlines, #1
Publisher: Penguin Group

In Bloodlines, we are travel to a human boarding school in California, where all our MCs must carry on the rouse that they are related. I was torn between selecting this one of Vampire Academy, since both take place in boarding schools, but I went with this series, because I liked it better.

Etiquette & Espionage
Gail Carriger
Series: Finishing School, #1
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Mademoiselle Geraldine's is a finishing school, where young ladies are schooled in all the traditional areas such as dance, etiquette, and dress, but they also learn the tools to be great spies.

A Study in Charlotte
Brittany Cavallaro
Series: Charlotte Holmes, #1
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Here we find ourselves in a Connecticut prep school, which is depicted in the most traditional way - old and filled with antiques. This school primarily caters to the uppercrust and it serves as an appropriate backdrop for this tale.

Touch of Frost
Jennifer Estep
Series: Mythos Academy, #1
Publisher: Kensington-Teen

This is a campus I would love to see, as it is home to magical warriors. One can visit many magical artifacts in the Library of Antiquities or simply watch the various students wield their weapons.

Boarding school books - yay or nay? Do you have a favorite?
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Release Blitz: If Ever - Angie Stanton

If Every
Angie Stanton
Series: n/a
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Fiercely independent Chelsea Barnes has caught a rare break and been cast as the first non-celebrity on the hit show Celebrity Dance Off. Chelsea is coined ‘America’s Chance to Dance,’ but her partner planned on an A-lister, not a nobody.

Clashing with her partner, she’s ready to go home; but during an emotional dance, her heart-breaking past as an abandoned, homeless teen is revealed. Not only do the viewers fall in love with her, so does the flirty British guest singer, Broadway star Thomas Evan Oliver.

Tom is struck by this feisty girl who complicates his over-structured life, and pursues her in a romantic cross-country courtship until she’s voted off and joins him. Their sexy whirlwind love affair blossoms in New York as she navigates the big city and his exhausting eight shows a week, but most important, her scarred heart begins to heal. Perhaps happily ever after might be a possibility after all.


Well, that was a terribly sweet romance. Loved it!

I am a big fan of Stanton's YA work, and was so excited when I heard she was writing an adult romance. I can say that her adult work absolutely lives up to the level of her YA books.

Things I liked

Celebrity Dance Off and America's Chance to Dance: Reality shows are kind of my guilty pleasure, and it was a fun twist to have one non-celebrity competing along with (semi)famous people. Stanton did a great job establishing those feelings that I think I would have if I had been in Chelsea's place, and she filled out the show's line up with some really memorable characters. I also thought that Stanton was able to pull me into the world of live TV (and theatre). The experiences felt so real, and I even felt the blood, sweat, tears, and energy of it all through the page.

Chelsea was a great heroine. She was wounded, and had a lot of very valid reasons for these feelings. So, I automatically wanted everything for her. She had to do battle with herself so many times during this book, to combat her feelings of inadequacy that were so rooted deeply in her thinking. I was so proud of her when she overcame some of those obstacles, and really admired her drive while she was competing on the show. She had a long, hard road to travel before she could discover her path to happiness, but I really enjoyed being there with her.

Tom was a such gem. I adored him from the first time he was on-page. He was so loving and patient and full of life. He was beautiful inside and out, and I cannot lie, he totally made me swoon.
"He's like a mirage in a desert, a handsome man with a beautiful heart."
The Romance had all the elements I love. It was sweet, charming, and "sexy-sexy". These two had a connection that burned through the page, and I loved seeing that connection grow and develop into something solid and real. There was so many tender moments that they shared, and I spent a large portion of this book with a huge smile on my face.

Overall: A charming romance which delivered lots of feels and reminded me that everyone deserves a happy ending.



99c for release day ONLY!

Available at other retailers soon


Angie Stanton is a life-long daydreamer who grew up with her hands on a book and her head in the clouds. As an adult, she’s put her talent to use writing contemporary fiction about life, love, and the adventures that follow.
Angie is the bestselling author of nine novels. Her work has been translated into French, German, and Bulgarian. In her spare time, Angie sneaks off to New York City to enjoy the best live entertainment experience--Broadway. She is a contributing writer to Broadway World is currently working on another Broadway-themed book.


Do you like reality TV or theatre?
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sundays with Sam - The Sunday Post

Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where I can share my wrap up of the past week, as well as plans for the current week.

My Week in Review

Not too much to report. The dog has been reunited with my sister (and she feels so good). I am kind of jealous of my daughter, because she is practically in the path of totality. But when I asked, she hadn't even procured a pair of viewing glasses! I probably will not get to catch any of the solar eclipse, because one of the higher ups (who is actually really awesome) is visiting our site, and he scheduled a meeting with us beginning at 2pm. I guess he did not consider this astronomical event when he was doing the scheduling. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it, though, because it's sort of a once in a lifetime event.

On the Blog:
I don't normally talk about Stacking My Shelves, but I was really excited about some of the ARC approvals I got this week. A few of these were my Can't Wait Wednesday picks, and I am so excited to get the opportunity to read and review them.



What I Read Last Week

I had a decent reading week. I read some paranormals, knocked out my blog tour books, and even read a few challenge books. My two favorite books were both romances (surprise, surprise!), but Nothing was a really close. The book was really fun and adorable. It's on the younger end of YA, and is a book about nothing in particular. I thought the author did an incredible job. I really thought this was written by a teen, and there were definite Seinfeld moments in there.

What I Am Currently Reading

I loved Wonder so much, and when I saw the novella, which is from the POV of the "villain", I grabbed it. Bonus: it will count for one of my reading challenges. I am listening to Pipe Dreams, which is part of the Brooklyn Bruisers series, and I am loving it. Sarina Bowen has yet to disappoint me, and hockey romance!

What I Plan to Read

I have no patience, so I am reading Lucas right away. I adore the Cold Fury books, and jumped up and down when I got this ARC.  I am reading Ink, because it has a non-western setting, which is the mini-challenge this month for the Diverse Reads challenge.

How was your week?
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Discussion: Teen Wolf - Isn't It Bromantic?

One of my favorite TV shows is back, and it's sort of bittersweet for me. I am happy to be back in Beacon Hills, but I am sad, because this is the final season. ðŸ˜­ Let's share some special Scott and Stiles moments together:

This is a show that just kept getting better and better every year. Considering it was based on a silly movie, it was incredible to see it grow into such a stupendous show. There are so many things I adore about this show, the action, the monsters, the mystery, the humor, the romance, but most of all I love the friendships. One friendship which I found to be so special was the friendship between Scott and Stiles. They had a really special connection, and that is totally #FriendshipGoals if you ask me. So, today I want to talk about:


As a female, I have first hand experience with female friendships, but I will never be part of a bromance. Because I will never experience this type of relationship for myself, I find them interesting. In the past, society has always show male friendship in a particular way, but we are starting to see more and more really close male friendships where is ok for men to show their sensitive side. They talk to each other and discuss meaningful things. They can bring their problems to each other, and they listen to each other. They offer comfort and support to each other, and it's quite a beautiful thing. I love seeing strong bromances on TV and I also adore them in books. I was trying to think of some good book bromances, and I came up with this list.


What are your thoughts on bromances?
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Review: How to Disappear - Sharon Huss Roat

How to Disappear
Sharon Huss Roat
Series: n/a
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Vicky Decker has perfected the art of hiding in plain sight, quietly navigating the halls of her high school undetected except by her best (and only) friend, Jenna. But when Jenna moves away, Vicky’s isolation becomes unbearable.

So she decides to invent a social life by Photoshopping herself into other people’s pictures, posting them on Instagram under the screen name Vicurious. Instantly, she begins to get followers, so she adds herself to more photos from all over the world with all types of people. And as Vicurious’s online followers multiply, Vicky realizes she can make a whole life for herself without ever leaving her bedroom. But the more followers she finds online, the clearer it becomes that there are a lot of people out there who feel like her— #alone and #ignored in real life.

To help them, and herself, Vicky must find the courage to face her fear of being “seen,” because only then can she stop living vicariously and truly bring the magic of Vicurious to life.

In this beautiful and illuminating narrative, Sharon Huss Roat shines a light on our love of social media and how sometimes being the person you think you want to be isn’t as great as being the person you truly are.
This book was such a wonderful surprise! I laughed, I cried, I swooned, but I also found myself relating to so many of the things Vicky did and felt. Roat did such an incredible job telling this tale, marrying social media and social anxiety to produce a pretty special coming-of-age type story.

Things I Liked
  • The positive use of social media: In my heart, I know there are a lot of pros to social media. It just seems as though all the negative uses are getting most of our attention. Therefore, I was elated to see Instagram used in such a positive and awesome way in this book. I hope people will read this, and be inspired to do some good via social media. 
  • Vicky: I so easily related to Vicky. My anxiety is not quite as severe as her's, but I understood her. I was very proud of each step she took, because I understood how difficult it was for her to accomplish each task, which seem so mundane to most. Vicky was by no means cured over the course of this book, but she definitely experienced a lot of growth, and it was a beautiful thing to see. 
  • Lipton❣️: Gosh! If you googled the term "sweet little cinnamon roll", you would find Lipton referenced somewhere in the entry. This boy was so sweet, adorable, and genuine. I loved his persistence when "courting" Vicky, and also found him to have a big beautiful heart. I melted multiple times due to him, and commend Roat on crafting such an amazing book boyfriend. 
  • Vicky's Tribe: It was so difficult watching Vicky struggle with her isolation and loneliness. Therefore, I was so delighted when she finally found her tribe, or maybe they found her. Either way, she ended up with a great circle of friends, who were super supportive and really saw her. They didn't just see her though, they liked what they saw. 
I only have praise for this lovely story of a girl, who while trying to escape herself, she finds herself.   

**I would like to thank the publisher for the advanced copy of this book.

Our hero, Lipton, plays Minecraft. I have not gamed in a while, but I always loved sim type games (like Animal Crossing). 
Do you like playing video or online games?
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